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We have one vision: to keep unique human experiences and skills alive through the web3 culture.

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lifestyle brand with utility represented by a 1k hand-painted collection of our coastline

Our Coastline is a collection of 1000 unique hand-drawn paintings of a scenic coastline, created by the Hiena. The project is about the human touch. It is a homage to a different way of living - no cages, no cubicles, just the warm line that calls us — to live our lives just one day by one. We hope to preserve what is special about being human.

1k-piece Collection

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Hiena _ Artist

Atmospheric, nostalgic, and ecovative artist from Croatia, Hiena tackles deep emotional states and universal problems through art, while also working in animation, branding, and digital design. He has been creating NFTs in the space for over a year while also working with companies on design and branding solutions. Loves to design stickers too in case you did not notice.

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What does each NFT in this "Our Coastline" project represent?

Each of the 1000 NFTs in this collection represent a unique hand-drawn painting of a scenic coastline, created by the Hiena.

What is the difference between the original and secondary NFT collection?

Ownership of the original collection NFT you gain the right to receive free airdrops at scheduled events.

Where can we vote on what events or merch we would like to see in the future?

Our prompts on Joyn.

What are Our Coastline future plans for holders?

Our future plans include creating unique website content, creative worldbuilding, interactive website map and collaborating with unique handmade crafts and brands.

What intelectual property rights do Our Coastline holders receive?

CC-BY 4.0